About Me

Welcome to Lori's Custom Creations LLC

Hello there! I'm Lori, the heart and soul behind Lori's Custom Creations LLC. As a single mom to two wonderful young men, I juggle my role as a full-time professional in the healthcare industry with my passion for crafting and creativity.

My journey began with a love for hands-on crafting - from candle making to designing t-shirts. This passion has evolved into a venture in digital product creation, a path that allows me to blend my creative flair with the practicality of digital solutions. My focus now is on crafting eBooks that empower others to learn and build passive income streams, giving them the freedom to enjoy life's precious moments.

At Lori's Custom Creations, it's all about making things simpler for you. Our 'done-for-you' digital products remove the guesswork, providing easy-to-implement strategies and tools. This shift to digital is more than just business; it's about creating more time for what truly matters - family. Join me on this journey of innovation and freedom!